Our Team
Our Team
Joe Fraser

As a Co-Founding Partner with The True Life Companies, Joe Fraser has played an important role in the growth of the Company for well over a decade. In over 20 years in the industry, Joe has been instrumental in procuring and deploying nearly $500 Million in capital for investors, primarily focused on investments in the real estate industry. He began in the investment world concentrating on start-up capital with Angel Investors and Venture Capital Investors at LiquidPrice.com.

With this background, in TTLC’s early years, Joe led the development of the capital raising arm of the enterprise, bringing capital partners together with development opportunities in the residential real estate space. As a member of the founding corporate team, he helped establish TTLC’s Core Values, contributed to the vision of the brand, and he continues to serve as an inspiration to partners and employees at every level within the Company.  

As TTLC began to epxand in 2010, Joe assisted in the recruitment and development of the core team as the Company focused on acquisition, development and management of land assets to fuel its growth. He helped to develop TTLC’s capital strategy and built the relationships that are the foundation of TTLC today. Ever seeking to enrich these relationships, Joe sought to add value, helping capital partners understand the opportunities for investment, and educating them on TTLC’s strategic investment platform and established process.

Joe has focused on all facets of the capital markets and capital stack, guiding investment placement where it was required to build the brand and position the company.  As a Co-Founder, Joe continues to help TTLC maintain consistent communication with its capital partners, and assists the corporate team as they structure new opportunities and prepare to scale the Company.

Joe’s professional background is augmented by several years in sales and marketing positions in various industries, and four years served in the U.S. Navy. A resident in Danville, California, when he’s not building portfolios or furthering relationships with his clients, Joe enjoys spending time with his family. He enjoys the outdoors, playing golf, and he is a travel enthusiast, especially to warm water destinations.

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