Collaborating For Progress

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Collaborating For Progress

From our beginnings in 2008 we knew we were creating a unique company. Our founding partners brought decades of business insight and experience together in a clear purpose: building a partnership of like-minded individuals to create new housing options and economic opportunities that support our growing cities. Assembling a team that brought relevant and proven industry experience to the table, they covered that table with ideas for changing the way cities address housing needs, and how investor partnership could make a meaningful, lasting difference. We even named the company based on our core values - True: transparent, proven, honest, authentic; Life: valued, sustainable, vibrant. Our objective: to create desirable communities in high-need markets. As we’ve grown, we’ve built on our vision with tireless enthusiasm for consensus building, collaboration and American values.

We are a team who encourage one another, working together, and passionate about contributing to our company and to the world around us. Together we meld smart planning, expert negotiation, and sincere dedication to doing the right thing, into the bedrock of excellence for each new venture. We are partnership-driven, bringing together investment partners who are visionaries, seeking to protect their interests and preserve capital. We choose cities eager for new housing solutions that serve new generations, cities who are seeking long-lasting solutions and recognize the opportunity TTLC offers to answer their housing needs. We continuously endeavor to deliver on our promises in all things, large and small.

The True Life Companies is an exciting launch pad for those who want to be the ‘difference’ that’s needed in our world. We really love what we do.

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