Scottsdale, Ariz. (May 4, 2016) – The True Life Companies, a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based strategic real estate investment and community development firm, has launched Symmetry, a residential and lifestyle company that is committed to offering premium, resort-influenced amenities and first class hospitality. The new company embraces a core philosophy of meaningful balance and aims to create, build and serve luxury communities where an inspired lifestyle is the central focus.

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“Symmetry is a promise, essentially,” Taber Anderson, chief executive officer at Symmetry Companies and chief investment officer at The True Life Companies, said. “The launch of this company brings to the market an unconventional commitment to luxury residential communities beyond build out, through the entire life of the community. We will be there long term, with an unwavering dedication to a service-driven atmosphere.”

The Symmetry concept began quietly in early 2013, when The True Life Companies purchased the 620-acre Pine Canyon community in Flagstaff, Ariz., and became partners in 2014 with Harvard Investments at the 3,600-acre Talking Rock Ranch community in Prescott, Ariz., with a keen eye on revitalizing both luxury golf communities. Immediate, strategic investments into both properties proved fruitful as a cluster of spec homes built at Pine Canyon spawned the member-driven construction of 20 additional homes, and meaningful amenity improvements at Talking Rock Ranch spurred greater construction activity there. As a result, land and home values are increasing at Talking Rock Ranch, while a Pine Canyon home recently set a resale record for Flagstaff after selling for $4.1 million.

Symmetry, along with its ideals and its place in the luxury real estate market, has for years been a vision for The True Life Companies, which invested in Pine Canyon and Talking Rock Ranch with purpose and foresight when others didn’t see the untapped potential there.

“Symmetry is built on a set of core values that reverberate through our executives to our staff members to our residents and ultimately our communities. We embrace the importance of life’s little moments, and create intentional opportunities for others to do the same,” Anderson said. “Home building, and community building, can be done differently, with a different mindset. And, that’s what we’re doing. We have assembled a team of industry veterans who have constructive, restless spirits that breed innovation. As a result, we’re not only tasking ourselves with creating bold new services and communities that people don’t even know they need yet, but we’re also instilling a sense of empowerment throughout the company designed to foster growth and perpetuate a commitment to premium service.”

Just as Symmetry planted roots at its first two Arizona communities, it will continue to instill its philosophies and its culture of unparalelled service at additional communities, from golf communities to urban projects to coastal properties.  Symmetry will benefit from Anderson’s valuable industry knowledge and experience, and that of Scott Clark, chairman and CEO of The True Life Companies, as it seeks and secures new partnerships.

“Our team of industry leaders has worked collectively to identify, cultivate and build upon opportunities in the marketplace, and the time is right to share our vision for adding value in this sector, in a way that was not being addressed,” Clark said. “Symmetry orbits around the simple ideal that a well-rounded, nourished spirit should be a priority, because we need to be better at enjoying downtime, getting the most out of it, and truly recharging our batteries. Our Symmetry communities will offer a variety of opportunities for inspiring work-life balance.”

About Symmetry Companies

Symmetry Companies is a residential and lifestyle company that is a member of  The True Life Companies, a strategic real estate investment and community development firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. With a committed focus on member balance, Symmetry communities offer members a diverse portfolio of residential opportunities all complemented by a wealth of luxury amenities and experiences meant to inspire the human spirit.

About The True Life Companies

The True Life Companies is a real estate investment and community development company - a premier provider of lots to America's top homebuilders. The company has communities totaling over 10,000 lots in various stages of entitlement and development throughout the Western United States, with offices in Denver, CO; San Ramon, CA; Sacramento, CA; Newport Beach, CA; Scottsdale, AZ; Kona, HI; and Austin, TX.

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