SAN RAMON, CA  –When it comes to growing a business, The True Life Companies (TTLC), the premier provider of lots and land to America’s top homebuilders, has gone far beyond the conventional norms of corporate evolution – they’ve gone organic.

“If you want to be a pioneer in any industry, it’s important that you work to advance your company from the ground up, literally. And that involves reaching out and attracting talent to the team that are both inventive and authentic,” said Scott Clark, CEO of The True Life Companies.

Among the new recruits to recently join the ranks of forward-thinking advancement is Paul McDonald of Phoenix, Arizona. “Paul came to us already a trailblazer in the world of finance. He was referred to us through one of our employees, whose father had worked with Paul and instantly recognized that his ability to master transactions and operations across a broad base of industries would make an instant impact with our team,” Clark said.  

When a company expands with the kind of excitement and speed that The True Life Companies has, it’s vital to assemble a team that can not only match that level of progress, but can formulate a vision that keeps that momentum pressing onward, said Deron Bocks, President of The True Life Companies.

“That includes professionals like Gary Brown, who is currently overseeing the expansion of The True Life Companies into the Texas region with experience that rivals anyone in the industry,” Bocks said. “Interestingly, Gary was researching land development and came across a news story about a recent acquisition by The True Life Companies. Two phone calls later he was talking to the CIO of our company.”

And then there is Davis Leung, whose extensive management experience has served the company with pioneering spirit. Davis serves as senior vice president of Administration and Innovation.

“I knew that I would be fulfilled in my work at The True Life Companies because of its emphasis as an organization placing the highest value on achieving excellence as a team. When I spoke with Scott I was immediately impressed with how intently he listened to my ideas,” Davis said.

That kind of quick and unfettered embrace of dialogue is not unusual for the team at The True Life Companies. “We are a company that values people who color outside the lines and aspire to achieve big things. It’s a big part of the organic process that has us growing at such an exciting pace,” Scott said.

According to Clark, The True Life Companies team is made of enthusiastic professionals who are nimble and responsive to the needs of clients, the evolving nature of the marketplace, and the ideas and talents of its people.

With numerous real estate communities in various stages of entitlement throughout California, Colorado, Arizona, and Hawaii, TTLC has grown dramatically over the last five years. They have regional offices in San Ramon, CA, Sacramento, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Denver, CO; Newport Beach, CA, Kona, HI, and its newest office in Austin, TX.

TTLC is a strategic investment and asset management firm composed of top-tier professionals with over 250 years of combined industry experience in real estate acquisitions, development, management and homebuilding. This cohesive team of experts focuses on optimizing value, employing replicable, scalable business models through innovative acquisition and management strategies. For more information regarding TTLC’s land acquisition or recreational master-plan portfolio visit or visit    

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