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Posted: September 5, 2015 | Categories: Pine Canyon

While with my family on a recent mini-vacation to one of our resort lifestyle communities, Pine Canyon in Flagstaff, Arizona, I was inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of the onsite team. They show drive and determination in the everyday execution of their responsibilities that far exceeds expectations. I was so impressed that I asked one of them to share a True Life Perspective with you.

Our guest blogger, Annie Brown, is a senior executive with our Resort Group. She provides an inspiring insight into what motivates this partnership-driven team.

Rewarding Moments, A True Life Victory

For many of us in the working world, our days are spent running from task to task, crunching numbers, solving problems, and managing the mundane. But, a peek behind the scenes of our TTLC Resort Group and you’ll see something truly unique. Our days, nights and weekends are often inspired by some truly rewarding moments, something we like to call a real “True Life” victory.



If you have been to Talking Rock and Pine Canyon, you will know they both have a distinct “spirit” or special component to them.  I will tell you now as I work the month of August here at Talking Rock that the special component is the employees and managers; who give so tirelessly to others throughout their day.   It is that special touch of service, care and concern that sets our clubs apart from just another meal or round of golf.  Allow me to share a few of the “good enough, never is” moments.

Talking Rock just completed hosting their Annual Ladies Member Guest, perfectly called, “The Spirit Cup”. I was immeasurably proud of this team, as they all broke down the silo effect, which can invade a corporate culture, and all worked interdepartmentally to make the best experience possible. The Fitness Director was making really great looking pink favors for all the ladies for their lunch . . . the F & B director was out on the course giving out spa scented cool towels to the ladies in record breaking 97 degree heat during the tournament.  The golf guys were decked out to match this years “Think Pink” theme.  Chair massages on the driving range…the golf director’s wife (a former LPGA) was giving complimentary tips on the driving range all morning to the ladies before their shot gun start.  The maintenance guys showed up with Pink Geraniums because they had heard me say it needed some pink color.  Another fitness worker offered stretching on the golf staging area and the ladies loved it.  All of these touches were their ideas and unsolicited. They exude that good for our members is not enough – but excellence in the member experience is.

One participant, a guest of a member here at Talking Rock, had just undergone a heart valve transplant only 5 months ago.   She came up to me on the first day with big tears in her eyes and said:  “I love being invited to this tournament. It’s not about golf you know” she said, “it’s about the love and friendship, camaraderie and fun of these women.”  She said knowing she could play this week is what propelled her to get whole again and get out here to Talking Rock, and not miss this very special bond of women.

Husbands showed up on final day for the shootout.  What fun to watch a hundred plus members all on the skirt of the 18th green – hollering for their favorite team…many commenting to me with huge smiles as the sun set over the ranch…Annie does it get any better than this?


So as an inspired team member, I walked to my car with feet hurting and feeling the fatigue of a first class day at this very spirited club, with a truly outstanding team…I had a beautiful moon to guide me to my car.  I thought, this is “good” …this few days, was a True Life best moment.

Annie Brown is VP, Club and Member Services at Pine Canyon Resort in Flagstaff, AZ.

Author: Annie Brown

By Scott Clark
Chairman & CEO

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