Our Team
Our Team
David Cababe
Acquisition Analyst

David Cababe is an accomplished acquisition and investment analyst with over 20 years in the real estate industry encompassing investment analysis, real estate portfolio acquisition and management, and contract negotiations for acquisitions and development. David brings this broad background to his role as Acquisition Analyst with The True Life Companies in the Denver region, while also providing support to other regions within the firm. His core responsibilities include the initial financial analysis and underwriting for new sites, market research to support market and site selection, schedules and forecasts for new acquisitions, communications with key stakeholders and consultants, and ensuring superior quality control for all processes associated with acquisition. 

David honed his comprehensive skill set across a range of market segments commercial, single-family rental, multi-family and mixed-use. Initially building his skill as a financial analyst with Credit Suisse over an 11-year period, David went on to serve as Lead Acquisition Specialist with Keller Williams, working with an investor client base on the acquisition and asset management within their individual porfolios. Here he was instrumental in improving revenue performance 20% per month across assets, portfolios and business lines, and improving client growth 25% each quarter-over-quarter. 

Most recently David served as Senior Acquisition and Development Analyst with LGI Homes in Denver, Colorado with a core responsibility to underwrite financial proforma models and presentation of due diligence to the Executive Leadership Committee for all new acquisitions. His expertise networking and negotiating with brokers, developers, consultants, planners, municipalities and property sellers contributed to 40% portfolio growth for the region year-over-year. Additionally, he increased the performance of the pipeline for new sites by 20% through vigilant management, market analysis and repositioning of the production cycle. 

David enjoys local sports like pickleball and cycling the streets and parks in the Denver area, along with 4-wheeling. An avid outdoorsman, his typical weekend involves a trip to the Front Range or the Rockies to enjoy a hike or visit a mountain town. Quality time spent with friends is high on his list of priorities as well.

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